Sunflower Competition

Note: The two measurings (with Prizes) are on the weekends of 10/11 June and 22/23 July. Look out for us with tape measures.

Sunflower Measure Off 2017_poster_draft 19 Mar 2017


WIndowland 2017

The second Chandos Window Wanderland was held on 25th and 26th Feb 2017. Or perhaps that should be Windy Wanderland? Storm Ewan tried its best to dampen our event but we all know that residents of the Chandos Road area are made of stern stuff and many of you braved the elements to visit the displays.

img_6200 img_4676

This year we had 26 displays on an assortment of themes created by businesses and residents alike. Mr Trump reared his day-glow head a couple of times as did cats (this year joined by dogs, mice manning security cameras or sitting in a pea green boat with an owl). The homage to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was a particular highlight and we raise a glass of Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster to your efforts. Many residents used tissue paper to great effect to create beautifully colourful displays. Every single display was fantastic and we at the committee were so impressed.

img_6185 img_5391

Many thanks to everyone for helping to make the event a success. We would especially like to thank all those that volunteered to distribute flyers and also Fiona McVey for getting those press releases out. Finally, we are very grateful to the University of Bristol for their generous funding which allowed this event to go ahead.

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