Open Meeting

16 Jan in the upstairs room at the Kensington Arms. For all residents of the area. Please send through items for the agenda. Planning issues? Improving the area? Our parks and green spaces? our libraries? How to use our association funds? Whatever you feel we need to discuss. We have invited our councillors who will be happy to discuss your concerns. So come along, buy yourself a drink at the bar and come on up to meet neighbours and talk about what’s going on locally.

Chums Quiz

Held Wednesdays fortnightly at Chums Micro Pub. 8pm – tables up to 4 – £2 per person. Come and enjoy an evening of convivial quiztime!

Window Wanderland 2018

Members at the general meeting in March were keen to do this again. The date we have set is the weekend of Feb 3-4.

Taking part is FREE and everyone is welcome, you can make a display in your windows of your flat, house, business, school, nursery, car, camper van or shop.

Please don’t feel intimidated! A ‘display’ could be as simple as a candle, book, fairy lights or image in a window. Or you could go all out and stage a performance in your front room or project onto your building! Simple or spectacular… It’s completely up to you. Anything goes… so long as it’s family friendly! Check out how to join on our website ( or on our Facebook page (search Chandos Neighbourhood Association)

Sunflower Competition

Measurements for the tallest sunflowers in both June for an Fast Starter prize and in July for a Tallest Finisher prize.

Chandos in Bloom

We are looking at the possibility of brightening up the street with further hanging baskets.

Great Get Together

We are looking to see if we can join in the national event again in 2018.

Student Welcome Packs

These are planned for when you arrive and will contain useful things like the dreaded Bin Rota.

Chandos Festival 2018?

Halloween Pumpkin Competition

The was popular again this year.

 Mince Pie Bakeoff & Carol Singing

It is planned that this year it will be more like “Advent Carols” as it will be the first weekend in December before the students go home.