Sunflower Competition

Prizes for the tallest sunflowers and best window boxes. Judging will take place on 15 Jul 2018. You can buy sunflower kits from Opus Glass or the honesty box at the top of Chandos Road, but be quick as they are running out fast.

Chandos in Bloom

We will be brightening up the street with further hanging baskets this year.

Great Get Together

The Chandos Neighbourhood Picnic will take place on Sunday 10th Jun 2018 (12 noon until 2 pm) at Redland Grove Park near Redland Station. This is a little earlier than this year’s national event. Bring your own food, drink, rug etc. and join your neighbours for this fun, informal event.

Chandos Festival 2018

This is planned for Sunday 23 Sep 2018 (12 noon until 7pm). Look out for more information as the event takes shape.

Chums Quiz

Held Wednesdays fortnightly at Chums Micro Pub. 8pm – tables up to 4 – £2 per person. Come and enjoy an evening of convivial quiztime!